Of course you will forget to take your umbrella with you today and you'll get wet. This simple app simplifies your life by sending you alerts when it's about to rain.
YouNoodle is a place to discover and support the hottest early-stage companies and university innovation. They develop decision-making technology and tools for startups.
Inigral specializes in bringing the social web to education. It primary builds on the Facebook platform and it is privately-held, funded by the Founders Fund.
Inigral leverages the Facebook platform across the student life cycle in order to address admissions marketing, student engagement, and alumni involvement.

We had to present clearly that the company is acting as an investment fund, and as a company with its own agenda on building and launching internal and client products.
Re:ply is a communication agency focused on finding the most effective communication solutions between its clients and their audiences.
We made a custom-built solution with features that would help the daily FOREX international activities of the Finex Group.
Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, it was formed by leading investors and executives, to acquire a majority stake in companies with revenues of 4 to 50 million USD.

The system where you can store, manage, view, and share your art properties, as well as a medium where you can get continuous education related to your collections.
What other way to find certified kosher food and also get it delivered to your place in time but Kosher Express?
Social networking service for US college students, graduate students, and alumni, focused on nightlife events and social opportunities on and near college campuses.
You can bring people together and address someone's addiction straight on. People with addictions can also find support if they come and address the issue they have.