The Ubervu team needed a place to share its thoughts about social media, to provide cool links, and a bit of self-promotion from time to time.
The most important thing in this interface design was getting all the required elements to fit on each page and also arrange them in a logical and intuitive order.
Mudjo is a friendly status service application that lets you interact and communicate with your friends based on common likes and availabilities.
Affiliate Summit East is a three-day affiliate marketing conference happening in New York, which includes an exhibit hall with affiliate merchants, vendors, and networks.

The purpose of the website was to create a new cool and innovative way for users to browse news using the Cooliris wall's graphical and dynamic representation.
This is the launch platform and online music distribution service for the Evident collaboration mixtape made by Grasu and DJ Swamp.
Memes are concepts spreading organically, in a peer-to-peer system over the Internet.
Ford launched a powerful program for the new 2010 Mustang, giving fans the possibility to win the ultimate dream experience with their favorite car.

Activia is a set of products made from yogurt or milk that contribute to the improvement of the digestive comfort.
The wristocrats editors are looking into the watch industry in order to select the best, the unique, the finest, and the most exquisite watches.
Having a team with very good offline radio experience, Clandestino started on a new and experimental path with the aim to conquer new territories in the online world.
Educational tool that helps class teachers to ask questions "on the fly" without entering content.