Nuvi is part of our laboratory projects. It's a media experiment that integrates multimedia and the Internet as a new delivery medium for pre-selected video content.
A fun Kodak project, this is a microsite that empowers people to express and share their heritage through the use of photography.
The website was part of a campaign sponsored by Bank of America with the occasion of the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics.
Phonotic is an Android application that allows users to better organize their photos, directly on their mobile phone and then share them with their friends.

Purely dedicated to the female audience of Yahoo!, Entre Amigas is providing a place for discussions around family, lifestyle, fashion, beauty or entertainment topics.
A place where you can store and share your collection items, as well as a good place where you can talk to people with the same interests or find hidden collectible gems.
Go Fresh is a product awareness microsite that features articles and news related to the Dove Go Fresh product line.
Off The Chain offers an amazing collection of custom handmade jewelry, inspired by natural elements, highly creative yet with simple and elegant details.

Farm is the largest online pharmaceutical store in Romania, where users can search, organize, and buy pharmaceutical products through online ordering systems.
Campaign microsite for Garanti Bank, which presents a list of important benefits that the customers can take advantage of if they decide to work with the bank.
A contest where users submit pictures in order to be elected as one of The Most Beautiful of the Year along with 50 Celebrities in the People Magazine.
The people involved with the Funkyou community have the same general interests when it comes to advertising, creativity, design.