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Being part of this you will have access to your music anywhere you are and you will be able to listen to virtually any song that other people are playing.
It was developed as an easy way to store and share your music online.

Thanks to the large number of registered users who upload their music libraries, Justhearit is able to find virtually any song, letting you store it in personal playlists or share it with friends.

The application works just like a music player displaying album covers, lyrics, and information for all songs. Other features worth mentioning are the sharing tools and self-service advertising.

We built a Flash and Ruby on Rails platform that allows people to upload, store, play, and share their personal music. The platform is automated and it covers a multitude of API based features needed for a one of a kind experience.

After you upload your content the system does pretty much everything for you. We recognize the songs you uploaded, meaning that you don't have to update the artist, song name, and album information. We search, find and bring to you the lyrics of the song, as well as the cover of the album so you can visualize better what you are listening to.

We're dealing with all the painstaking activities related to storing, scalability, redundancy, fast delivery, and so many other processes running in the background, only so you can just sit back, relax, and enjoy your music.